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One Bike - Two Wheels Sizes.

Stumpjumper 29" 6fattie


 Mountain biking has come a long way since the Stumpjumper first debuted in 1981.

The new 2017 Specialized range of Stumpjumper FSR 29/6Fattie models have the versatility to deal with whatever appears on your local or distant trails.

When you add-in an aggressive, trail-eating geometry that features short chainstays, a roomy top tube, a low bottom bracket and a slackened out front end - you have a bike that without a doubt is going to change the way that you ride trail.

The Stumpjumper FSR 29er with ‘Boost’ axle spacing (110mm front and 148mm rear), allow the bike to accommodate both Roval Traverse 29 and 6Fattie wheels.

Roval Traverse 29 wheels with 29 x 2.3” tyres are the ultimate in rolling stock for the trail. They're built to take a hit and they feature a wide rim width that boosts handling and stability over any kind of terrain.

Roval Traverse 6Fattie wheels work in tandem with two the ultra-wide tyres options, 650 x 3.0” and 650B x 2.8” to give you loads of extra traction, floatation and control.

Specialized have deliberately sacrificed a flip-chip to alter the bottom bracket height as it would also impact the head angle – which they see as the more decisive factor in terms of decent handling.

Depending on your chosen wheel size and width, the Bottom Bracket height is altered accordingly, with 13 mm of variation. Bottom Bracket heights are 338mm for 29 x 2.3”, 331mm for 650B x 3.0” and 325mm for 650B x 2.8” tyre choices. 


Stumpjumper 29

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