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on Tuesday, 15 September 2015. Posted in Featured

We now have the renowned Specialized Turbo Pedal Assist (Electric Bike) in stock. We rode them in California and they are a blast to ride, with quiet and quick engagement and great handling.  Unlike many other brands the Specialized Turbo is designed and built from the ground up with quality components - it's not a package thrown together with a battery retrofitted.

The Specialized Turbo combines speed and style through an innovative electric-assist motor, advanced electronics, and sleek design. 


  • Sleek and sturdy alloy frame with Performance Geometry designed for high-speed riding
  • Oversized alloy fork is strong and responsive
  • Specialized Electrak Armadillo tyres for performance and durability no matter the speed
  • Body Geometry Turbo saddle keeps your comfortable for the fastest rides
  • Direct Drive rear hub motor provides uber efficient power no matter the terrain
  • Wireless interface unit with illuminated display to show key ride data
  • Finest quality Li-Ion battery pulls maximum power w/ superfast charging times
  • Turbo Integrated downtube battery, self-locking key release, on-board or outside bike charge capable, LED power indicators, start-up diagnostic feature, magnetic connectors, 468 Wh capacity.





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