Specialized Body Geometry

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Specialized BG products are scientifically developed and proven to improve performance and comfort for a better ride.

Cycling is a healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly form of exercise and transportation. These are all positive aspects and genuine reasons for choosing cycling as an activity.  However the human body was designed for walking, running and jumping – it was not built for pedalling, holding handlebars or sitting on the saddle.  Specialized Body Geometry products are scientifically developed and medically tested to improve the way your body connects with your bike at the three points of contact; your hands, seat and feet.

We stock a full range of Specialized Body Geometry shoes, saddles and gloves. See the videos below for more information.


BG FIT product videos

BG gloves

Body Geometry Gloves video

Featuring a unique pad system, designed by ergonomics expert Dr. Roger Minkow, M.D., that helps reduce hand numbness (aka, cycling palsy) by relieving pressure on the ulnar nerve. Multi-density grips and bar coverings work together with BG gloves to improve comfort and endurance.

BG shoes

Body Geometry Shoes video

Developed with Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, BG shoes and High Performance footbeds use built-in ergonomic features like the varus wedge, longitudinal arch, and metatarsal button to make the connection between body and bike more productive and more comfortable.

BG saddles

Body Geometry Saddles video

Developed with ergonomics expert Dr. Roger Minkow, M.D., BG saddles and shorts use customized shapes, cut-aways and multi-density padding to reduce pressure on arteries and soft tissue for improved blood flow and comfort.

Dr. Andy Pruitt - a brief history

Body Geometry history video - ANDY P

Dr. Pruitt offers insight into what brought him to create the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, how he started working with Specialized, and why Body Geometry products and Specialized BG FIT training are so important to cyclists.
Read the Velo Magazine interview here (PDF 4.6Mb)

For further information see our Body Geometry Fit page here.